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Tim Walter

Tim Walter

Here to Help

Tim Walter has personally trained everyone in the KnightsRose House Healer Network. They understand Tim’s methods and work sympathetically with you, your family and with the subtle energies of place to reduce the effects of geopathic stress. By choosing a KnightsRose certified house healer you are also assured of Tim’s personal validation. You are also accessing the combined potential of the group, if required.

“Please note that while every effort is made to reduce the detrimental effects of subtle energies, we cannot offer guarantees of outcome. If you are not satisfied with our service, please contact Tim Walter directly by email.”

Anna Schmidt

Anna Schmidt

Hi, my name is Anna Schmidt. In the realm of house healing, I work remotely through using dowsing, my strong intuitive connection and empathic spiritual healing to rebalance the subtle geopathic and spirit energies within homes and in personal energy fields.

I am highly skilled in connecting with spirits who wander the earth and spirits who are trapped because of their emotional attachment to places and people from their past.

I have thirty years’ personal experience in recognising and clearing denser spirit energies that can occupy and negatively affect homes, the land and people’s energy fields.

I am confident in realigning the delicate balance of subtle energies and provide significant results in improving the energetic harmony within you, your family and your home

Rosie Velasquez

Rosie Velasquez

It’s an honor to walk this journey with you. Please email with questions or comments. Thank you-

Remote Environmental Clearing

Whether it’s your workplace, car, home, or even the land your house sits on, clearing the detrimental energies that can affect our lives by environmental electromagnetic energies. I use using various techniques of geomancy (earth healing) as well as family traditions of clearing (limpias).

This is done remotely or as a distance clearing.

We will have 2 sessions together-
*one to assess what needs clearing, I will do a report with your floor plan
*second session we will discuss findings.

Bente Olsen

Bente Olsen

House Healer, Engineer, Shamanic Practitioner

I’m living on a small perma-culture farm (Grandmothers Garden in the South of Denmark) together with my husband. We are working to live in balance with the land and the wild that also lives there.

In my work as engineer I’m happy to co-create with Spirit and educate others in my profession. As a House healer with a shamanic practitioner profile, I am interested in helping my clients back to their energy balance and help coach them to keep the balance and prosper.

Looking at the basic physical known seven senses we have as humans; I can say that my senses have been of the extraordinary due to my challenge of been born with Asperger’s but first discover it in my fifties. Asperger’s is a slightly different wiring and amplification of the senses connection to the brains signal processing units.

I feel a deep gratitude towards my spirit guides, because of their assistance I can today utilize my highly sensitivity as a remote healer with the subtle energies as a Shamanic House Healer.

I speak and write Danish, English, and German.

You are very welcome to address me via the House Healing Network.

Laura Cerrano

Laura Cerrano

“Certified Feng Shui Consultant Laura Cerrano is the founder and owner of the international consulting firm, Feng Shui Manhattan, established in 1997. Laura began her Feng Shui studies at the age of 12, under the guidance and mentorship of her mother, Feng Shui Master Carole Provenzale. Since that time, Laura has trained with some of the finest masters in reiki, dowsing, and personal spiritual development, thus integrating a holistic healing approach with traditional and modern-day Feng Shui practices.

Her customized healing sessions combine the support of House Healing Dowsing for detecting and healing geopathic stress, Usui Reiki, Emotional Intelligence, Sound Healing Meditation, and Hypnosis when appropriate. The combination helps to enrich the overall investigational process of subtle hidden detrimental energies that could be negatively influencing the health of the land, building, and occupants. Simultaneously, healing can be felt on all four levels mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Feng Shui and House Healing Dowsing services are available for in-person and remote sessions with residential, commercial, and bran new construction projects. Workshops and monthly virtual reiki healing circles are also available to attend publicly (in-person/virtually) or by request for private engagements.”

Tess Joyce

Tess Joyce

“Do you feel uncomfortable in your home or a particular room? Is something holding you back from experiencing flow of abundance and peace?  Are you experiencing sleep disturbances, headaches, emotional problems, or feeling drained?  

I work to transform blocks to Source, abundance, flow, joy, and peace.  I can help find blockages in your home which are creating geopathic stress, emotional problems or a lack of alignment – this includes areas such as earth energy, ghosts, entities, technopathic stress (EMF), water veins, cosmic supernatural aspects and many other fields. I am a house healer and reiki master who can clear away detrimental aspects of your home and energy field.  I use crystal grids, elven runes and channel reiki to perform the healing.  Pets can also be included.  

I am clairsentient which means that I can feel energies and aside from dowsing with a crystal, I receive guidance from my spirit and healing team.  I work with the energies of higher beings including Krishna, Radha, Mary Magdalene, Christ consciousness, Archangel Michael and enlightened elemental beings”. 

Please email Tim to book a conversation with one of our House Healing specialists if you are experiencing discomfort or disturbances in your home or place of work