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Tim Walter

Tim Walter

Here to Help

Tim Walter has personally trained everyone in the KnightsRose House Healer Network. They understand Tim’s methods and work sympathetically with you, your family and with the subtle energies of place to reduce the effects of geopathic stress. By choosing a KnightsRose certified house healer you are also assured of Tim’s personal validation. You are also accessing the combined potential of the group, if required.

“Please note that while every effort is made to reduce the detrimental effects of subtle energies, we cannot offer guarantees of outcome. If you are not satisfied with our service, please contact Tim Walter directly by email.”

Rosie Velasquez

Rosie Velasquez

It’s an honor to walk this journey with you. Please email with questions or comments. Thank you-

Remote Environmental Clearing

Whether it’s your workplace, car, home, or even the land your house sits on, clearing the detrimental energies that can affect our lives by environmental electromagnetic energies. I use using various techniques of geomancy (earth healing) as well as family traditions of clearing (limpias).

This is done remotely or as a distance clearing.

We will have 2 sessions together-
*one to assess what needs clearing, I will do a report with your floor plan
*second session we will discuss findings.



Are you or a family member suffering from headaches, insomnia, mental health issues – possibly since moving into a new home? Does anyone in your house have special needs? Do you feel an underlying sense of heaviness or unease in your home?

I detect imbalances in your personal energy field as well as harmful energies such as technopathic or geopathic stress as well as unwelcome entities like spirits within your home. I rebalance and harmonise these energies through focused intent. This creates a healthier, lighter, warmer and more welcoming home environment, which in turn nurtures your well-being and enhances your health.

I have been supporting and caring for children and adults with special needs for over 30 years. My experience in this field includes the autistic spectrum, genetic syndromes, as well as behavioural and emotional difficulties. Children and adults with special needs are very sensitive to geopathic stress and I am now able to use my skills as a house healer to improve their well-being

Please email Tim to book a conversation with one of our House Healing specialists if you are experiencing discomfort or disturbances in your home or place of work