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Angelika Addison

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Are you or a family member suffering from headaches, insomnia, mental health issues - possibly since moving into a new home? Does anyone in your house have special needs? Do you feel an underlying sense of heaviness or unease in your home?

I detect imbalances in your personal energy field as well as harmful energies such as technopathic or geopathic stress as well as unwelcome entities like spirits within your home. I rebalance and harmonise these energies through focused intent. This creates a healthier, lighter, warmer and more welcoming home environment, which in turn nurtures your well-being and enhances your health.

I have been supporting and caring for children and adults with special needs for over 30 years. My experience in this field includes the autistic spectrum, genetic syndromes, as well as behavioural and emotional difficulties. Children and adults with special needs are very sensitive to geopathic stress and I am now able to use my skills as a house healer to improve their well-being.

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