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The Secrets of How to Harness The Natural

‘Earth Rhythms’ of Your Home and Office So Life

Becomes Productive, Prosperous and Peaceful

tim-profileFROM: TIM WALTER

You’ve probably arrived at this page because, like many other men and women, you want your life to be productive, prosperous and peaceful. You want to feel more in tune with the world around you and be more focused in what you want to achieve and create for yourself.

Although my FREE 3 part video series will help you enormously, you might also want deeper insights into the secrets of harmonising yourself with the natural ‘earth rhythms’ of your home and office. And if you want to lay your hands on the techniques and get started straight away then I have good news for you…

The good news is you can get started now!

Right now, I’ve created an additional learning aid to go along with a fabulous video that you can download! The video is called “The Spirit of the Serpent” and I refer to it a lot in the 3 Wise Living videos.


For People Ready To Live Life With The Confidence

That Ancient Wisdom And The Earth’s

Natural Energy Is Flowing For Them


What I’m offering you here is a powerful opportunity to learn how to deeply tune in to the energy of your home and office, regardless of how you feel it is right now.

When you purchase this download, you will be able to save it to your computer. That means you can watch the video and print off the e-guide or simply sit with your laptop and absorb it all. You can relax, pull up a chair, pour your favourite cuppa and take a leisurely look at the mysticism of the ancients! You can also try some brilliant energy manipulation exercises right away, including your first step to accessing the subtle realms with your mind, by dowsing.


A Life Enhancing Documentary
Video & Guidebook

That Shows How You Can
Access Ancient Knowledge And Reveal The

‘Earth’s Energy’ To Have It Work For You, Rather Than Against You!

What we share with you in The Spirit of the Serpent Documentary Video and E-Guide will help you:

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  • start to align your energy with that of your home and office so it brings you peace, prosperity and productivity.
  • learn the steps to interact with the natural energy of the earth to focus your own mindfulness, self image and life-script to greater success
  • enhance any meditation techniques or breathing exercises that you currently may use
  • feel connected, grounded and focused


In “The Spirit of the Serpent” documentary you’ll follow a team of researchers, led by author, activist, and dowsing expert Hamish Miller, as they illustrate energy flows and explore an ancient site of Standing Stones in Cornwall, England. You’ll also get access to unique accompanying footage of rare interviews with each member of this remarkable team.

But that’s not all…

You’ll also have a step-by-step learning document specifically designed for the special people downloading my 3 Wise Living videos.


Today you can get this download for JUST £9.99

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Download the video of “The Spirit of the Serpent” today for just £9.99 and I will send you, completely free, an e-guide to accompany the documentary.

Please keep in mind what I’m sharing with you here is deliberately designed to help you harmonise with the natural energy of the earth present within your home and office so you ultimately become a beacon of power in tune with the life-force energy of nature!

What I’m sharing with you has already helped my friends and clients. And I want you to have what they had to support them as they made strides towards a life they love to live.

This is a special one-time-only offer and available only to the people registering for my Wise Living Videos. You will not see this package or offer again at this price.

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